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Haier | Fresher for longer
Haier | Fresher for longer

Win an incredible £1,399 Cube Series fridge-freezer from Haier

We all wish our food would last that little bit longer in the fridge, and thanks to Haier’s new Fresher Techs Solutions, your wishes can be granted

One winner will receive this brand new model, which has a total net capacity of 610 litres, making it ideal for families or those who love to entertain. The Switch Zone compartment also allows you to turn part of your fridge into a freezer! Whoever wins this brilliant fridge freezer will also have it delivered for free.

The new Cube Series: HTF-610DM7 fridge freezer contains an extensive range of Fresher Tech Solutions including:

• MyZone – a built-in compartment with a complete temperature control system that allows you to vary this between -3, 0 and 2 degrees, so you can use it as an instant chiller or freezer, without compromising the rest of the fridge. This can be used to store all kinds of food, but is particularly effective for chilling drinks quickly, or for things like fish and shell fish.

• Dry & Humidity Zones – the innovative humidity zone regulates and maintains the optimum humidity and moisture levels (90%) required for fresh fruit and vegetables. The Dry Zone area can reduce humidity within the dedicated compartment to below 45% – perfect for things like cheese. With this feature, the shelf life of fresh foods can be extended between four to seven days.

• Switch Zone – turn part of your freezer into a fridge (+5 degrees) or keep it as a freezer (-20 degrees). It's great if you’re planning a party and need some extra space to store things temporarily.

For your chance to get your hands on a superior quality new Cube Series fridge-freezer from Haier, simply submit your details below before the noon BST September 6 deadline:

This competition is now closed