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Belazu is giving away 20,000 vouchers, each worth £3.65, to use on your next Belazu purchase

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Belazu is giving away 20,000 vouchers, each worth £3.65, to use on your next Belazu purchase

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Discover the brand that’s all about flavour

A favourite with professional chefs and passionate home cooks, Belazu’s delicious range of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients will add drama to every bite

6 mins read time  |  Written by Hayley Shedden

Belazu’s story started back in 1991, when co-founder George took a trip to visit his mum in Provence, France. He returned to the UK a few quid lighter, but with a van full of the freshest, juiciest olives and a big dream. Thirty years on, the company has come a long way from its humble olive supplier origins.

Now a trusted and much-loved pioneer of the finest Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredients, Belazu offers a huge range of products. It has a tempting selection of pestos, pastes, antipasti, olive oils, vinegars, nuts and other store cupboard essentials, along with its beautiful olives – each lovingly crafted in small batches to bring your dishes to life.

Fuelled by a passion for food, Belazu has been on a quest to discover the best flavours from around the world over the last three decades, and the team works tirelessly with its longstanding suppliers, customers and chef friends to bring you restaurant-quality ingredients with an uncompromised taste. Indeed, behind every product lies a collection of stories about the land it comes from, its producers and its creation.

To this day, the team is still searching for the best ingredients that the Mediterranean and Middle East has to offer, it’s still hungry to find what’s new, and it’s still striving for the highest quality, all in the most responsible way possible.

Add some oomph

The Belazu range is bursting with exquisite ingredients that will help your dishes sing – here are just a few you’ll want to try...

Belazu Rose Harissa

Belazu’s signature Rose Harissa is a blend of more than 13 spices with a distinctly floral character and balanced heat that will add depth of flavour to any dish. Developed from a secret recipe in 1995, it’s a versatile little paste that can be added to your cooking in large quantities for a lovely hit of flavour, while a small amount will add a subtle undertone. The name harissa comes from the Arabic ‘harasa’, which means ‘to pound’ or ‘break into pieces’.

Delicious ways to use it:

Dollop on your eggs or avocado toast

Mix with yogurt to create a delectable marinade

Add some into your burger mix

Use on its own to marinade meat, fish and vegetables

Belazu Traditional Genovese Pesto

This delectable Italian pesto is a simple, classic recipe that has become a kitchen essential over the years. It’s made with only key, premium ingredients, including Parmigiano Reggiano, pine kernels and basil from Veneto – it tastes so good, it deserves to be experimented with. Try using it to make a vibrant salad dressing along with some oil and balsamic vinegar, or simply mash a spoonful into a bowl of white beans.

Delicious ways to use it:

Drizzle over steamed greens

Add to a tomato and mozzarella salad dressing

Stir into pea and spinach gnocchi

Spread over a fillet of salmon before roasting

Use as a chicken marinade

Belazu Black Olive Tapenade

A rich blend of naturally ripened Moroccan Beldi olives, capers, garlic and sundried tomatoes, this robust paste is wonderfully moreish. While olives are, of course, the primary ingredient, the term tapenade comes from the Provençal name for caper buds, 'tapeno'. In ancient times, capers were preserved in amphoras of olive oil, creating the basis of the tapenade we know and love today.

Delicious ways to use it:

Add a spoonful to a tuna and green bean salad

Stuff under the skin of a roast chicken

Stir into a tomato sauce for a rich umami flavour

Dollop a little on top of your pizzas

Spread onto a cheese and tomato toastie

More than food

Along with producing and sourcing authentic ingredients, Belazu’s corporate social responsibility programme, The Journey Matters, lies at the heart of the business. The initiative is based on three core pillars: People, Planet and Product, and promotes positive change through sustainability and social engagement. Every year, it also donates 3% of its profits to its registered charity, The Belazu Foundation. Through the foundation, the team works with communities in the local area and through its supply chain to promote education and healthy eating to inspire future generations.

Belazu vouchers up for grabs!

Belazu is giving away 20,000 vouchers, each worth £3.65, to use on your next Belazu purchase. There’s one voucher available per household and it can be used at most major supermarkets including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Booths. Ready to claim yours? Simply enter your details below before 23:59 on 31/10/2021 for the chance to win one!

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