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Getting your sheet together is now a whole lot easier

New from Newzik – the app that’s just taken ‘noteworthy’ to the next level!


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With the prestigious likes of the Vienna State Opera, the Ulster Orchestra, and Austria’s venerable Tonkünstler Orchestra already on board, in just a few short years Newzik has established itself as the go-to for international musical key players – not forgetting those in the making, from students to youth ensembles, jazz newcomers to prospective chart-toppers. Say goodbye to dog-eared music scores, recalcitrant orchestral parts, and the infamous perils of the page turn. The future is digital.

But there’s much more to Newzik than a high-tech alternative to sheet music. Imagine a one-stop shop where organisations and individuals alike can assemble a digital library, including the possibility to rent or buy directly from such landmark publishers as Schott Music, Universal Edition, or Faber Music. Maybe you’re a composer keen to send a copyright-protected example of your latest opus, a student swapping homework, or a choral conductor wanting to a share a new arrangement? It couldn’t be simpler thanks to Newzik’s state-of-the-art toolbox. Intuitively easy to use, it leaves rivals standing.

Grab an Apple pencil (or use a finger), and you’re good to go: annotating, highlighting, adding helpful hacks. And here’s the thing. Thanks to Newzik’s Cloud-based system, all annotations can be instantly shared in real time with colleagues or students. No more pauses in orchestral rehearsals while the section leader dictates bowing suggestions, or the Maestro insists on all parts being marked with an unscheduled slowing down in bar 26!

Newzik’s connectability isn’t just a boon in the concert hall. During lockdown it’s thrown a lifeline to teachers and colleges, making remote or socially-distanced learning not only possible but viable. And with Newzik’s Cloud-based technology, there’s another advantage: reliable and effortless back-up. Everything is safely stowed and retrievable, so no more fretting if a bus rolls over your iPad.

Never a company to let the grass grow under its feet, Newzik has just launched a companion web app which enables users to access and control data straight from their computer – side-stepping the iPad, and facilitating big-screen display. The new normal has never looked better.

The company

From modest beginnings six years ago Newzik has carved out an ambitious niche for itself, helping musicians ‘to learn, practise and perform together more easily by digitising their sheet music to make it interactive and collaborative’. The synergy of working with major publishers has enhanced the product’s reach; and, more recently, Newzik’s continued innovations in adapting its technology to fine-tune interaction for remote learning opens up new collaborative horizons. Today over 100,000 users ranging from students to major orchestras and opera companies enjoy an expertise celebrated for its user-friendliness, and a support service second to none.

Calling the Tune

Once upon a time the lead pencil on the music desk, a handy eraser, not to mention a deal of patience were the musician’s lot when it came to customising a score. Not anymore. With its infinite capacity to add layers of personalised annotation; its invitation to embed sound, visuals, and even YouTube; plus a tool kit ranging from transposition to more performance-friendly lay-out, Newzik is probably one of the most exciting developments for practical music-making since an enterprising Roman printer started experimenting with moveable type some 500 years ago...