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Pipe dreams

New technology is making life easier – and warmer – for organists

No one can fail to be moved by the sound of the pipe organ, whether at a local parish church, cathedral or town hall. And for those who play the instrument, the experience is even greater.

Gaining regular access to an instrument isn’t always easy. Which is why we think organists should know about Viscount Classical Organs Limited.

Viscount has a vast range of instruments to satisfy all needs, from small home practice instruments to organs suitable for major places of worship. Those currently using our instruments on a temporary basis while their pipe organs are restored include York Minster and Canterbury Cathedral.

But Viscount is much more than just a supplier. The company wants to share the sheer joy of the instrument with all music lovers. From the quietest whisper to a mighty roar, the organ can evoke a range of musical emotions like no other instrument.

Perfect for the home

A great deal of this joy already comes from the installations Viscount carries out, and from its customers whose lives are completely changed when they acquire their first home practice instrument. At no more than the cost of a good piano, an organist can enjoy a two-manual-and-pedalboard home instrument, avoiding the need to seek out an often busy or cold church. And with Viscount’s ‘Physis Technology’, the sound engine driving its instruments, the digital home and church organ has never sounded so realistic and convincing.

But don’t take Viscount’s word for it. Here’s what one recent customer says:

“The Viscount Chorum 40-S is perfect for my requirements as a practice instrument. It is extremely versatile with four different sound sets: English, Romantic and two Baroque styles. It has a well-designed stop list, which works well with all periods of music. The home organ has allowed me to utilise limited amounts of time to practise, rather than having to travel to my church to do so. I was also very pleased with the price!”

Many of our customers have planned the purchase of their instrument over many months – as a substantial gift to themselves. It brings immense pleasure to help guide these customers to the right choice of instrument, which we know they will enjoy and play for many years to come.”

– Viscount’s owner, David Mason

An experienced guide

Viscount Classical Organs does more than simply build and supply organs, however, and is committed to helping more people learn the instrument. Its support for young musician teaching programmes and the Royal College of Organists are key parts of its community initiatives.

Over the last six or so years, its website has been steadily filling up with a treasure trove of resources for beginners and seasoned players including fascinating articles on great pipe organs, page-turning experiences, video tutorials and assorted interesting and unusual information on instruments, their specification and their history. Whether you want to buy an instrument or are looking for entertaining organ-related content, the Viscount website offers you all that and more.

Technically the best

Viscount’s owner David Mason has been steadily building the company since he acquired it in 2006.

“We have invested heavily in developing the best possible sound and console features for a very discerning musician group,” he says. “This has now been rewarded by some exceptional clients that include King’s College Cambridge, perhaps the highest profile organ study location in the world. Instruments have been placed in the organ scholars’ rooms so they can practise at ease without having to book limited time on the wonderful Harrison & Harrison in the chapel.”

He adds: “Of course, there are options for our wealthier clients to build a totally bespoke Regent Classic instrument – another way in which Viscount is now regarded as the world’s leading digital organ company.”

Discover Viscount and reap the benefits of playing on a digital organ that costs a fraction of the price of the real pipe alternative.