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Electric dream machines

From the race track to the road, Energica is going full throttle in its quest for the perfect electric sports motorcycle

t’s taken 10 years of expertise and more than 250,000 km of road testing to get to this point, but all the hard work is finally paying off for the Energica Motors Company, a pioneer of electric motorcycle technology.

Its latest innovations from the MY2020 range have just been unveiled at EICMA in Milan, the world’s biggest exhibition for all things two-wheeled. And, it’s fair to say that they’ve got motorbike fans all revved up

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Power Trip

First up, Energica was keen to show off its new power unit – a hefty 21.5 kWh lithium-polymer battery that packs almost twice as much punch as its original 13.4 kWh version. It will feature on all the bikes in the MY2020 range and offers the biggest capacity and power ever installed on a production electric motorcycle.

Thanks to this beast of a power unit, all of Energica’s Italian-made bikes in the new MY2020 range will benefit from improved torque; 200 Nm for the Eva EsseEsse9+, and 215 Nm for the Ego+ and Eva Ribelle (which means rebel in Italian). But it’s not all about performance – the new power unit also makes the bikes 5% lighter and means they’ll be able to keep on rolling for 60% longer.

Test drive the MY2020 range
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Keep on riding

Just look at the distance you can get out of the Ego+, Eva EsseEsse9+ and Eva Ribelle, thanks to
the new power unit*.

City: 400 km (249 miles)

Mixed: 230 km (143 miles)

Motorway: 180 km (112 miles)

* All range testing carried out in real-world conditions on actual road surfaces.

Rebel with a cause

If a game-changing power unit isn’t enough, Energica also whipped the dustcovers off its updated sports motorcycle, the Eva Ribelle. An electric streetfighter with a rebellious soul and dashing good looks, it didn’t disappoint bike fans who had hotly anticipated the 2020 version. With an air-cooled synchronous motor with permanent magnets, capable of delivering 107kW of power and a maximum speed of 200km/h (125mph), it’s a true speed king for the green age.

Take the Eva Ribelle for a spin
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During the last year, Energica has seen an important ramp-up, thanks to the close involvement in the MotoE project

Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company

A winning formula

All of Energica’s exciting innovations showcased at EICMA have been the result of its close involvement in the MotoE series, the electric spin-off of the MotoGP World Championships. In its historic first season in 2019, all the riders were equipped with Energica Ego Corsa bikes – all fully electric, zero-emission machines that were totally powered by renewable resources. But what’s really impressive, is that everything Energica has learnt on the race track is now being transferred onto its road bikes – proving without a doubt that the future really is electric.

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