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Tin Star is coming back with a bang...

Sky's epic crime thriller returns for series 2 on 24 January - are you ready? Watch the first episode below (UK only)...

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Written by Emily McMullin

There’s nothing worse than having to avoid spoilers like the plague because you’re only on the first series of a hit TV show – while everyone else is hooked on the latest season. When you hear your colleagues debriefing about last night’s episode, you rush to hide in the toilet until it’s safe to come back to your desk. Someone on the train is watching it on their phone so you become that hated passenger who barges past everyone in a bid to get as far away as possible.

Spoiler alert: that’s the situation you’ll find yourself in if you don’t catch up on binge-worthy Sky original production Tin Star before the hotly anticipated release of series 2 on 24 January. Oh, and another – better – one: you can now watch every episode of the critically acclaimed show's first series on Sky's Ultimate On Demand service.

Jim Worth (Tim Roth)
Jim Worth (Tim Roth)

'Tim Roth shines'
– The Times

Angela Worth (Genevieve O’Reilly)
Angela Worth (Genevieve O’Reilly)

Set among the spectacular, remote landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, Tin Star follows former British police officer Jim Worth, played by Tim Roth. When Jim is offered the job of Chief of Police in a sleepy town in the Canadian Rockies, he uproots his family in the hope of an idyllic new life – a decision he will come to regret for a very long time.

The sudden appearance of a big oil company brings new faces and the promise of big money to the small town – and throws it into a dark world of drugs, prostitution and violence.

Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks)
Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks)

'You'll be totally hooked'
– Heat

It’s not long before tragedy strikes, and Jim's son Petey is murdered by a mysterious gang of masked killers in a botched assassination attempt on Jim himself. Consumed by guilt, he develops a self-destructive obsession with seeking revenge, and sets out on a dangerous mission to uncover who is responsible – and wants him dead.

All episodes of Tin Star series 2 will be available to watch on 24 January.