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5 ways to find a moment of zen if you’re a passionate foodie

Looking for more ways to unwind? With Werther’s Originals, adding a little piece of warmth to your day is simple

Let’s face it, sometimes life can feel like an endless to-do list. So, it’s important to take the time to enjoy the little things and press pause every once in a while. Happily, there’s a Werther’s for that.

Between the irresistibly oozy Creamy Filling, the wonderfully chewy Creamy Toffee and the classic Butter Candy, there’s a Werther’s Original for everyone and every occasion. Of course, enjoying a Werther’s moment is just the start. If you’re an ardent foodie, there are so many ways you can dial into your passion and unwind doing more of what you love.

From experimenting in the kitchen to growing your own fruits and veggies, here are some simple ways to add a little piece of warmth to your day...

Cook with a loved one

Be it your spouse or a grandchild, cooking is a great way to connect with those you love. From choosing a recipe to the creation – with all the funny mishaps along the way – you can be sure time spent in the kitchen with somebody special will make your day feel better. You may even learn how to make an entirely new dish in the process.

Try a totally new recipe

If you’re a passionate foodie, nothing will bring you joy quite like attempting a new dish, so why not make tonight the night you change things up and add something new to your repertoire? If you need inspiration, try adding Werther’s chunks to your brownies for gooey caramel brilliance or melt down the Creamy Toffees for a delicious caramel sauce that can be drizzled over popcorn or over your favourite scoop of ice cream.

Grow your own ingredients

You’ll be amazed at the satisfaction you can get from growing your own ingredients, and you don’t need a huge garden to do it. Tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs can all be grown indoors, while foods like strawberries and radishes can be easily grown in pots on a balcony. Whatever you choose to plant, you can look forward to tastier and more nutritious produce – and you’ll probably save yourself some money too!

Make your favourite comfort food dish

It might be an indulgent bowl of pasta that’s rich in cream and parmesan, or a delicious family bake that takes you back to your youth in just one bite. Whatever it is, everybody has a dish that’s sure to put a smile on their face. Don’t just save it for a weekend treat, make yours tonight – go on, you deserve it.

Create your own chef’s playlist

For many of us, cooking can feel like a form of creative expression. So, why not take the experience up a notch by curating your very own foodie playlist? Or perhaps you’d rather unwind with a podcast in the background? Whichever you choose, it should be uplifting and maybe even offer you a slice of mindfulness.

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