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Discover Liz Earle Beauty’s eco-conscious HQ

Liz Earle Beauty is constantly looking for ways to minimise its environmental impact, starting with its Green House home

When we take care of our world, it takes care of us. That’s why Liz Earle Beauty is committed to growing responsibly, taking mindful steps to minimise the impact it has on the environment. Take its Isle of Wight base, The Green House, for example. The building may have doubled in size over the years, but its energy usage certainly hasn’t.

Read on to find out more about the company’s unique Isle of Wight HQ and how it’s going above and beyond to reduce its carbon footprint...



The Green House is heated entirely from ground source heat, which is extracted from just a few inches below the soil surface. And instead of air conditioning, which pumps energy-sensitive cold air into the office’s server rooms, heat generated by the computer servers is extracted and fed back into the heating system – keeping servers cool and energy usage down. The result is zero fossil fuel usage for Liz Earle Beauty’s primary heating source, and an energy footprint that’s significantly lower than a small family house.


As our individual water footprints rise, collecting and conserving water is more important than ever. That’s why – along with mains water – The Green House utilises harvested rainwater, which Liz Earle Beauty estimates has saved more than 4 million litres of water from toilet flushing alone, so far.

Eco-friendly packaging

Where it can, the company chooses packaging that saves the planet from unnecessary waste – and you any additional recycling. You’ll notice the Skin Repair™ Moisturisers are now sold in glass jars, which helps save around 26.2 tonnes of virgin plastic per year from entering the supply chain. Better still, recyclable glass is widely available and doesn’t degrade through the recycling process. In fact, it can live a thousand lives by going through the crush-melt-mould cycle repeatedly. The much-loved Cleanse & Polish™ is also available in easy-to-recycle plastic tubes that are made from 55% post-consumer recycled plastic – so, when it’s time to say goodbye to your latest tube, you may even meet again! Of course, Liz Earle Beauty’s main goal is to have 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.


Food waste

All food waste generated at The Green House is composted in-house in its ‘Rocket’ in-vessel composter – a genius contraption that creates wonderfully rich and nutritious compost from kitchen and garden waste. Crops grown in the garden are used in the staff bistro, and all garden cuttings and food waste are returned to the composter ready for the next growing season. All the waste Liz Earle Beauty produces becomes food for something else, so no food waste ever leaves the premises.

Habitat creation

To protect natural habitats and encourage biodiversity, Liz Earle Beauty is rewilding two acres of wasteland that currently sit behind its HQ. Already, more than 800 hazel trees have been planted and the woodland is now home to multiple endangered native species, including red squirrels, hedgehogs and several species of bat. It also has plans to rewild part of the lawned area at the rear of the building in the spring to encourage the growth of native wildflowers and grasses, which will attract more pollinators and further support biodiversity in the local area.


A lot of love and thought has gone into making Liz Earle Beauty’s garden a welcoming space, particularly its decking. Chosen for its minimal environment impact, it’s made from waste wood flour (a by-product from the wood working industry) and recycled HDPE. Any unused offcuts are bought back by the company that makes the decking and recycled into new products. The decking is also FSC certified, so the wood content is sustainably sourced.


Liz Earle Beauty doesn’t only focus on its immediate surroundings. The team is also committed to giving back to the wider community through its volunteering scheme. Reading and mentoring at local schools, community gardening and charity work are just some of the worthwhile activities the team can get involved in.

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