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5 ways you can make your garden feel extra special

Our gardens can provide us with a little piece of warmth when we need it most – just like Werther’s Originals

There are so many reasons to treasure your outdoor space, not least because it offers you a chance to escape the everyday and while away the hours in your own carefully curated haven. Happily, Werther’s Originals can help conjure those same fuzzy feelings.

Made with real butter, fresh cream and a whole lot of love, Werther’s are all about finding a moment of comfort – one delicious caramel at a time. Whether your Werther’s of choice is the irresistibly oozy Creamy Filling, the wonderfully chewy Creamy Toffee or the classic Butter Candy, there really is a Werther’s Original for everyone and every occasion.

Of course, enjoying a Werther’s moment is just the start. Here are some other ways you can make your garden – and in turn yourself – feel that little bit brighter...

1. Hang a bird feeder

Gardens are great for helping us connect to nature – and hanging a bird feeder is a sure-fire way of attracting more wildlife to your outside space. Not only will it encourage more beautiful birds for you to admire, but you’ll also be doing them a favour by keeping them well fed, which is especially important in the colder months when food can be scarce.

2. Create extra ambience with lighting

Given winter can keep us separated from our gardens for longer than we’d like, it’s only natural to want to enjoy as much al fresco fun as possible in the warmer months. If you want to stay outside long after the sun goes down, try experimenting with outdoor lighting. For a cosy ambience, it doesn’t get much better than solar-powered fairy lights.

3. Build a bee hotel

We have a lot to thank bees for, so why not show them the love they deserve by building a bee hotel? They can provide the perfect nesting sites for female solitary bees, who are not aggressive and are highly unlikely to sting. Unlike social bees (bumblebees and honeybees) solitary bees nest individually, laying eggs in hollow stems such as bamboo, teasel and sunflower stems.

4. Grow a herb garden

Make your garden a treat for the senses with the addition of a herb garden. Not only do herbs smell great, but they can also be used in cooking, teas, cocktails and herbal remedies. Plus, they often have beautiful foliage and flowers – many of which are attractive to pollinators.

“Not only do herbs smell great, but they can also be used in cooking, teas, cocktails and herbal remedies.”

What’s more, you can enjoy the benefits of herbs in even the smallest of outdoor spaces by growing them in a raised bed, large container or a window box.

5. Take on an upcycling project

Let’s be honest, it’s always lovely to receive a compliment about your garden, but it’s especially nice when the compliment is about something you’ve done entirely by yourself. Whether it’s turning unwanted pallets into a sleek new seating area or using old cuts of wood to create a cool new planter, the garden is abounding with upcycling opportunities that are both sustainable and lots of fun to do!

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