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Find your Werther’s moment…

There’s a Werther’s Original for everyone and every occasion. Are you ready to discover yours?

For more than 100 years, Werther’s Originals has been making delicious long-lasting caramels that are savoured the world over. And while a lot has changed since the first of its candies was created back in 1909, Werther’s are made the same way as they always were: with real butter, fresh cream and, most importantly, a whole lot of love and care.

Perhaps what makes them most special is their ability to offer you a moment of comfort whenever you’re in need of one. A relaxing pause, if you will. So, why not take your pick from its delectable collection of individually wrapped candies and see how each one can add a little piece of warmth to your day?

Here are just some of the tempting Werther’s Originals you can choose from...

Butter Candies

A classic for a reason, these hard candies are deliciously smooth and creamy and offer long-lasting enjoyment. Try now

Creamy Toffees

Rich, chewy and endlessly satisfying, each toffee melts in the mouth for a wonderfully indulgent treat you’ll savour. Try now

Creamy Filling

These irresistible candies combine a crunchy butter candy shell with a smooth caramel cream filling to give you the best of both worlds. Try now

Sugar Free Butter Candies

The same creamy caramel taste of Werther's Originals but with no added sugar. What's not to love? Try now

Soft Caramels

For those who like their caramel with a little less chew, these are Werther’s softest caramels yet. Try now