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Cutting it fine this Christmas

Discover the Brother ScanNCut SDX machine range. It will revolutionise your craft projects this festive season and beyond!

Written by Hayley Shedden

Treat yourself to an early Christmas gift and take your crafting to a whole new level with a ScanNCut SDX machine. At the press of a button these machines can scan a hand-drawn outline, which can then be repositioned, resized and duplicated. In turn, the outline can be used to cut your chosen fabric or paper. Each machine even has a range of built-in, resizable patterns and fonts, plus downloadable designs, for you to use – saving you lots of money and the hassle of buying lots of individual dies.

A variety of clever attachments are also available. There’s a pen attachment and a calligraphy attachment, a stamp maker, a sticker kit, a rhinestoner... Your ScanNCut literally can do everything!

So, when one amazing machine can do so much, where do you start? Here are a few fun festive designs to get going with. Try your hand at them now and see just how great a ScanNCut is for yourself!

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