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About Brother's ScanNCut machine

About Brother's ScanNCut machine

Christmas is the perfect time to show off your creative flair and craft some decorations that are sure to impress – and scare! And, if you really want to pull out the stops, the clever Brother ScanNCut machine is a must-have

A favourite with discerning crafters everywhere, this game-changing gadget makes bringing your creative ideas to life quick and simple. It can scan a hand-drawn outline, which can be repositioned, resized and duplicated on your screen. You can then use that outline to cut your chosen fabrics, paper or other materials with ease.

Discover the ScanNCut range

Top features

The Brother ScanNCut family is perfect for paper crafters, sewers, DIY crafters and more. With its unique built in scanner, it’s easy to scan and cut out any image or shape – No PC required.

Easy to use

The ScanNCut is as ideal for beginners as it is more experienced crafters because it doesn't require any additional software. ScanNCut does not require any additional software. It is totally stand alone, which means you dont need to connect it to a PC. No other scanning and cutting device can do that.

Seriously versatile

The ScanNCut is fully portable, which means you can get creative anywhere and anytime you choose. Wherever you are, create and edit your designs on the large colour touchscreen, then conveniently cut, draw or scan at your leisure.

The machine is also great at cutting and drawing on a variety of materials, including fabric. Cutting quilt and appliqué patterns is quick and easy, and you can even use ScanNCut to draw in the seam allowance for you.

Built-in scanner

All ScanNCut machines feature a built-in scanner, so you can scan virtually anything - a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more. The creative possibilities really are endless!

With Brother's free programme, CanvasWorkspace, you can create countless personalised designs and save them to your machine’s memory to use time and again.

“ScanNCut does not require any additional software. It is totally stand alone, which means you dont need to connect it to a PC”

Unlimited design options

Brother's free cloud-based design application is now available for PC – and it’s still FREE! Design when and where you want, then send your designs wireless from your computer to your ScanNCut or transfer them via USB flash drive. CanvasWorkspace also comes with hundreds of free projects to further inspire your creativity.

New creative possibilities

With its extensive range of accessories, Brother and the ScanNCut will help you take your creative projects to the next level. Check out the rhinestone kit, printable sticker kit, line and region embossing kit, stencil sheets and so much more.

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