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Santa’s sleigh

Make your own

90-120 mins  Medium

With this fun project you can get your Christmas crafting off to a flying start, made using the Brother ScanNCut machine


Brother ScanNCut machine

Templates (download here)

White Card:

Box base x 1

Sleigh sides x 2 (l&r)

Back seat x 1

Rail box supports x 2 (l&r)

Silver Card:

Large side layer x 2 (l&r)

Rail layer x 2 (l&r)

Red Card:

Small side layer x 2 (l&r)

Back seat layer x 1

Box end panel x 2 (b&f)

“If you’re planning on filling the sleigh, be sure to use a sturdy card for the main construction”


Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8


PDF template

Step 1

All red parts are decorated with silver foiling. Follow the instructions in your foiling kit to first draw the desired foil patterns onto card using the glue pen. Allow the glue to dry before putting the mat through the machine again, this time with the protective sheet on top and the presser tool to apply the foil.

Step 2

Score and fold the box section along the dashed score lines, stick the tabs together using double-sided tape and/or glue to create a sturdy base for the sleigh.

Step 3

Score and fold the two rail box supports, line them up with the rail section on the back of each sleigh side piece, applying glue only to the rail part and leaving the tab free.

Step 4

Attach a sleigh side piece to the box base by first lining up the tab with the bottom of the box. Apply adhesive to the tab and along the side of the box before easing into place. Repeat with the other side.

Step 5

Score and fold back the tabs on the rear seat of the sleigh before gluing the bottom tab in place inside the back of the sleigh. The width of the tab will allow the seat to slope forward slightly. When the bottom tab is secure, lean the seat back and glue the side tabs in place where they join the side panels. You can adjust the angle as desired.

Step 6

Layer the red (silver foiled) side panels onto the larger silver side panels, then again onto the sleigh sides using double-sided tape and glue. Adhere the silver rail layers in place on each side. Glue the small red (silver foiled) panels onto the front and back of the sleigh box panels and glue the red (silver foiled) seat layer in place.

Step 7

Cut small boxes and mini bags to display in the sleigh using the Brother Scan N Cut. You’ll find box and bag designs available in the online Canvas workspace. Simply resize them as required and cut from your favourite papers.

Step 8

Add adhesive gems in clear and red – and two small silver jingle bells, threaded onto silver twine and attached to each side of the sleigh.

Top tips

Fill the sleigh with treats or wrapped sweets for an easy and unique table display that your guests will love!

Use a wet glue to give you a few extra seconds to slide the panels into the perfect position.

If you don’t have any gold or glitter card for the trim, run a gold pen along the perimeter of your sleigh for the same effect.

If you’re planning on filling the sleigh, be sure to use a sturdy card for the main construction.

Give Santa’s sleigh a rustic, wooden look by making it out of kraft card.

Do you have a pet hamster or other small furry? Be sure to snap a picture of them in the sleigh for your social feed!

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