Interactive feature

What is an Interactive feature?

An interactive feature is a one page article, written in the editorial style of the brand site and designed to a particular ‘print-style’ design template. Interactive features are hosted on the url '''
and differ from standard articles by their ability to contain rich media content such as carousels and video on the same page.


  • Interactive features are responsive and should have a separate design file for mobile.

  • Like microsites, interactive features share the same header bar at the top, which clearly states the immediate/bbc brand and the advertisers logo together with the text ‘Advertiser Content’. This header also includes 3 social sharing links to facebook, twitter and pinterest.

  • All interactive features have the same tracking setup through GA as standard, see this template document for more details. Additional tracking is possible, but needs agreeing before it is built

  • Interactive features are built from several smaller sections that can be set out in a specific order by the designer.

  • If there are several different topics on the Interactive Feature, a horizontal menu can be added across the top.

  • It is also possible to dynamically change the order of the sections, by using a different url so different traffic driver ads can point to the same Interactive Feature and display the content slightly differently

Possible sections

  • Text blocks
  • Quote boxes
  • Quote sections
  • Images
  • Carousels
  • Video
  • Google Maps
  • Parallax
  • Custom HTML5 sections

We design, write and build

What we need
  • Complete briefing form

  • All assets, including high res images, logos and anything else you want us to use

  • All fonts supplied MUST also include a third-party licence giving us permission to use on your behalf

  • All tracking requirements

Brand Availability

Not all of our brands run all of our awesome products so if it’s not on the list it’s not coming in: