Editorial Newsletter

What is a editorial newsletter?

This is an editorial email promoting on-site content that is usually sent weekly. We produce editable templates for these (within Adestra), allowing editorial staff to add new text and imagery ahead of each send without any coding knowledge. The majority of newsletters include a commercial slot(s), usually in the form of an MPU, which allows for the inclusion of non-editorial advertising.


  • Like solus emails, newsletters are responsive and built using a combination of HTML & CSS

  • Unlike solus emails, newsletters are intended to be reusable and primarily not for commercial gain
Optional Component Specifications
Images Max images 1
Dimensions 190 x 190px
File type jpg, png
Max file size 30kb
Copy / text Max words 100
MPU Dimensions 300 x 250px
File type gif, jpg, png, or HTML5 bundle
Max file size 50kb
Half MPU Dimensions 300 x 150px / 300 x 120px
File type gif, jpg, png, or HTML5 bundle
Max file size 25kb
Ad Image(History Extra Only) Dimensions 300 x 300px
File type jpg, png
Max file size 50kb

Note; some ad units may vary depending on brand, please speak to your sales planner for details on what you are required to provide.

We design, write and build

What we need
  • Complete briefing form

  • All assets, including high res images, logos and anything else you want us to use

  • All fonts supplied MUST also include a third-party licence giving us permission to use on your behalf

  • All tracking requirements

Brand Availability

Not all of our brands run all of our awesome products so if it’s not on the list it’s not coming in: